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Lastly, a large factor to consider is the portability and size of your unit. For a unit that will spend much of its time in an ice house or ice shack, a large full-featured unit may be a fitting match. There are a large variety of sizes available, from small boat console-sized fish finders to larger suitcase-sized ice-flashers. The type of fishing you will be doing will also help in making this decision. Maybe you are still relatively new to fishing. If this is the case, buying an all-in-one unit may be a better option for you.

There are several ice flasher units in production that also retain capabilities as both a GPS and fishfinder. These are generally LCD screen units with the ability cycle through the different modes of your unit. These are our recommendations for the best ice fishing flashers:.

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Now it is time to review some of the ice fishing flashers on the market. Getting familiar with the breadth and scope of what is on the market may help you determine what kind of features you are looking for.

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It features a dual beam sonar, from which you can choose wide or narrow. A wide range provides a larger layout of the underwater surroundings , while a narrow range allows for great detail. It has a depth capability of up to feet, and features adjustable depth ranges, allowing you to pick from 1x, 2x, 4x, and 10x. There is also zooming capabilities, allowing magnification of a specific depth range. The tri-color fiber optic display indicates depth scales and depicts your lure, the bottom of the body of water, and fish in real time.

This ice fishing flasher covers all the bases. It does a great job at locating fish and has several features that make it hard to beat. The biggest complaint among users was the sensitivity issues that may come about for smaller jigs and the amount of cords associated with the device. It offers six depth ranges to choose from, ranging from 20 feet to feet. The device also features adjustable sensitivity control, interference rejection technology to reduce interference from other fish flashers, and a bright LED display. It may not have the same fancy features as other fish flashers on the market, but it holds the gold standard for tri-colored display flashers.

It has zooming capabilities and uses sonar footprint technology to give the user a greater awareness of fishing targets, while also reducing interference from nearby fish flashers. The display has night and daytime screen settings, made to increase visibility in a variety of conditions. The compact device comes with a padded soft case, a rechargeable volt 9-amp battery and a charger. This ice fishing flasher is a great option for those of you looking for something that is a little more technologically advanced.

The 8 inch LED screen with customizable user dashboard makes it super easy to read and use. Because this device is more high-tech, it tends to cost a little more than others on the market.

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For dark conditions, the camera features 12pc Infared LEDs, which can be turned on and off depending on your fishing conditions. The camera projects to a seven inch LCD color monitor with a removable sun monitor for bright conditions. All the equipment comes in a compact carrying case which is waterproof and easy to transport to and from fishing spots. The included lithium battery offers up to eight hours of working time for an all day fishing trip. This is another great option for ice fishers looking to make their experience a little simpler.

The Venterior Portable Fish finder is a hand-sized, simple functioning fishfinder, good for beginners on the tightest of budgets and still looking for features. At a super, budget price, it is quick to sell, though be aware that it may lack the quality of some higher end units.

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This device is able to detect rocks, weeds, and fish down to a depth of over feet. The sensitivity of this unit only allows detection of fish within four inches. This may not work for many ice-fishing scenarios when you need to be able to detect small lures and jigs. It also lacks an ice flasher feature best used in ice fishing and jigging scenarios.

This portable unit lacks many of the features and precision of other units on the market. However, for the price, this device functions as intended for a fish finder. If you desire a dedicated ice-fishing setup though, there are better options. The next step up in precision and clarity from the Garmin Striker 4 we previously discussed is the Plus version. This unit is more geared towards use as a boat-mounted fish finder and GPS.

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Yet this unit still retains the capability of being an effective ice fishing flasher as well. The LED display screen is able to display varying options and also has a split-screen mode. Best of all, this unit is the budget-minded anglers friend for fishermen who desire a slight upgrade in quality and precision. For all these features, this product sits at an excellent price point.

The increased precision and clarity make this a step up from the standard Garmin Striker 4. For those unfamiliar with ice fishing flashers, they can appear to be confusing. However, they are actually pretty simple to read. From a 1 o'clock to 12 o'clock position, depths will be displayed on the flasher.

Colors correspond to readings from hard such as rock to soft such as plants or fish. The sensitivity an ice fishing flasher allows the user to see the location of even small jigs and lures in the water column. This is essential to vertical jigging and target fishing at depths. Experts say that ice-fishing flashers can enhance your own fishing ability. Try experimenting with different jigging techniques and see how the fish respond.

Miron explained it might have been because of a wider cone angle in the m Myself, i like reading the 68 because of tracking the fish through the strike zone.

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Maybe its just because I am used to it. The lx-7 should give you better bottom separation , but I have not had a problem with lazy fish on bottom. I usually can get active fish to come up and strike. Side by side I like the 68's jig tracking better. It shows me exactly how I am jigging.

So , I am locked in to my 68 , but the world champ uses a flasher and claims it better by far. Flip a coin. The 67 is half the price. Jan 14, 5. The x67c is a third of the price lol. And money isn't an issue as I've been saving up for quite some time to make the big splash in the sonar world. The lx7 runs in traditional graph mode just like the ice machine units. I've also heard the Marcum has better bottom separation although that never was an issue on the x67c for me.

And I never noticed any lag either. Both the Marcum lx7 and the lowrance Elite 5 ice machine are running about the same price. Sure the lowrance has gps but I use my handheld and prefer that instead. Jan 14, 6. I have the combo and I really like mine Jan 14, 7. I talked to the Lowrance guys at the show about the elite 4 and 5.

Basically a 67 or 68 with new software and much brighter display. Oh yeah , they dumped that crappy arm and went to a vex style float like I did years ago. Everyone hates that swing arm.

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Jan 14, 8. The elite 4x and 4 is basically a revamped x67c non gps , and m68 same as x67c, but with gps , both the x67c and the m68 as well as the elite 4 models have a 3. But thanks for the suggestions so far. Keep em comming.