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Fundraising Events — Three profitable event ideas for small group or school fundraisers — Fundraiser events that are quick and easy — Fund-raising event ideas you can do in a weekend that work anywhere from Canada to Australia. School Fundraisers — Easy fundraising ideas for schools that consistently produce excellent results.

Includes articles on cheerleading fundraisers, high school football fundraiser, soccer fund-raising, band fund-raiser, plus more great youth sports team activities and events for other high school groups. Fundraising Letters — Sample letters that you can copy. See which fund raising letters work for other non-profit groups.

Includes links to other charity and nonprofit donation letter sources. Guidelines for donor recognition and charity fund raising projects.

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Sample donation request letter. Use the following ways to advertise and sell Many of them specifically make coupon booklets for charities and other organizations that are trying to fundraise. Some companies will actually provide you with a discount card instead of an actual booklet So instead of your supporters having to carry a whole booklet around they can just use a small card that fits in their wallet or purse! Grab this FREE fundraising product guide to see what other options you have available! With this idea you can raise more funds as you won't have to share the profits with a Coupon Book Company What you will do is find discount offers from local companies and restaurants and then compile them into a booklet.

Most companies should be willing to join in, as it will help with their own advertising and marketing. Obviously make sure that you receive the same amount of discounts from all the companies as you'll want to have all your booklets the same! Next you will have to find a printing company that will print your coupon book with a professional look. Try finding one that will do it at a discount! Simply use the search box up above to help you with this. If you want to run a profitable coupon book fundraising idea, you will need to have a booklet with popular discounts in it This style of fundraising essentially involves recruiting volunteers who volunteer on your behalf by creating their own unique pages, which they then promote to their friends and family online.

Fundraising Ideas - City Saver Fundraiser Coupon Book

Nonprofit organizations are big fans of this campaign style because it dramatically expands their online communities in an organic way. Peer-to-peer fundraising is a fairly flexible technique for raising support online, but it typically requires investment in dedicated campaign software. Get creative by incorporating peer-to-peer elements into your fundraising project, and be sure to carefully compare the top platforms before making a decision. Coupon books are a classic fundraising idea, especially for community-based groups like churches and neighborhood associations.

Reach out to local businesses to arrange special deals and promotions that will be available to the public only via your coupon books. The trickiest part of creating and selling coupon books is deciding on the right price to ask for it. Think carefully about what donors might be willing to pay, and weigh it against your organizations, the value of the deals, and the cost of printing the books. Personal fundraising has been on the rise in recent years. Individuals develop and host their own fundraising projects for a number of reasons, most commonly:.

Personal fundraising strategies tend to work best online, but you can adapt all kinds of ideas to your projects depending on your goals and budget.

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Here are a few of the most reliable and engaging personal fundraising ideas to get you started:. Crowdfunding is one of the easiest ways for individuals to get started fundraising. Remember, though, that this personal fundraising idea requires you to have a very clear goal or an emotionally compelling story that inspires support. Offering products or rewards in exchange for crowdfunded support is a classic way to incentivize donations. Crowdfunding with custom apparel is a common example. Look for low-risk crowdfunding platforms that offer plenty of customization options and fair processing fees.

Unique pledge campaigns are a great way to catch the attention of supporters for your personal fundraising project.


This fundraising idea involves you asking for pledges in exchange for a completing a specific challenge. A typical example would be an individual asking for pledges to be collected once they complete a challenging or long-distance cycling trip. These campaigns require considerable planning. If you choose to conduct a pledge challenge, think about ways to boost the impact of your campaign, or pair it with another fundraising idea, like custom merchandise. Potluck-style fundraising ideas will be a recurring theme in this list.

Food is a reliable way to attract attention and incentivize supporters to donate to your cause! These events work well for personal fundraising projects in which a community comes together to support a neighbor in need. Alternately, you might tone this idea down into a similar event, the classic bake sale.

Plus, for some groups and individual projects, writing fundraising letters is an extremely cost-effective way to raise support in a relatively short amount of time. Individuals looking to fund a personal project or upcoming trip can generate a lot of interest quickly by simply taking the time to reach out to community members who might be interested in making a donation. Give readers an easy way to make a donation, like providing a URL to your donation page or crowdfunding campaign.

Sometimes fundraising can feel like an insurmountable challenge, especially if you work at an organization with only a few people on staff. These quick and easy fundraising ideas require relatively little investment of time and money compared to their potential results and popularity with donors:. Since the prize is half the funds raised, supporters are more motivated to purchase raffle tickets and encourage their friends and family members to do the same. Use the online outlets where you have the most followers to spread the word about your raffle, and announce the winner during an event where you can discuss your cause or project in more depth.

To get this fundraising idea started, find a local coffee shop or wholesale provider to purchase the coffee beans at the wholesale price. Once you get your partnership established, set up an online shop or sell your coffee beans in a busy area in your community. Raise money by charging per walk. More people than ever regularly give to charitable causes.

Text-to-give tools are among the most popular forms of giving in recent years. Meeting your donors where they are their smartphones! Since text-to-give services charge a processing fee, these tools are used mainly by nonprofits or other groups that host fundraising events. There are plenty of text-to-give services out there, each using a slightly different process and pricing structure. Do your research before choosing which tool to use. With so many variations on the classic penny drive, you can get as creative as you like with this easy fundraising idea. Keep it simple by going with the traditional fundraiser, and ask local shops to showcase your donation jar in their store. The specific date, specific amount fundraiser is an easy way to raise money for any cause, especially for individuals that want to raise money quickly. Used book sales and rummage sales are some of the easiest fundraising ideas for groups of all sizes, particularly community groups and organiztions.

You might choose to structure your used book sale in a number of ways. Usually, the fundraising organization will ask for donations of used books to sell at the event later on, but feel free to get creative to find the method that works best for your community. Used book sales are easy fundraising ideas because they require very few additional investments other than the time it takes to plan, set up, and host them. Used books are a fun impulse purchase for many people, so with the right selection, you can raise quite a lot of support!

Sending a candygram is a great way to let your friends and family know you care about them. You can spread a little joy and raise money this holiday season by selling and sending personalized messages with candy and other delicious treats attached. Just make sure to get the contact information of the recipient so you can send the candygram to the correct person. Is your budget the biggest limiting factor of your fundraising project or campaign? Here are some of our favorites:.

Alternatively, your nonprofit can partner with a local retailer. Have them sell paper hearts to their patrons, allowing you to spread the word outside your current donor base. Whatever approach you decide to take, this easy fundraising idea is a simple way to raise money and awareness for your cause. A balloon raffle is a fun and inexpensive fundraising idea that both individuals and nonprofits can use. All you need to get started are balloons, raffle tickets, and a prize. Everyone will pop the balloons they purchase to find their raffle ticket. The person with the winning ticket gets the prize.

Balloon raffles work best when they are an activity nested within a larger event, where you have a large audience of donors in one location, like during a fundraising gala or auction. Potlucks are among the most reliable fundraising ideas out there!

Our Favorite Fundraising Ideas

Take the time to plan your community potluck event, promote it to your community, and find the right event space. Give attendees plenty of time to register to bring a dish, and decide how much you want to charge for tickets. Raising money for your cause can be as simple and heartwarming as organizing a baby photo contest! Everyone at your office or in your community can participate by bringing in a silly, adorable, or even embarrassing photo of themselves as a child. Line up all the photos and have people vote on their favorite one by placing money beside the images they like.

The person with the photo that has the most money wins!