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I have explained the method above in my article please have a look and give it a try. My Keurig will try to make a cup of coffee, but after a bit of water comes out immediately after pressing the cup size button, it stops and will not brew—although it sounds like it is. I removed the check valve and soaked it in vinegar. After putting it back together, it worked so I descaled it with professional descaler. I made a cup of coffee and was proud of myself prematurely. The next day it was bcak to the same problem. Thanks for sharing your experience Randall.

Can you please try the procedure again and after that try resetting it before using. Right now we have a 2. This new one dribbles more than any other, it took a bit of getting used to the longer wait.

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The biggest problem I wonder about it is this, it turns on and warms up for a few minutes. The first cup serves just fine. Then it warms up for about two minutes before we can start the second cup. Is this normal for this version? It definitely means my morning coffee ritual takes more attention than with any previous Keurigs. I use spring water because the apartment water tastes stale. As soon as I did that It did not work.

When i turned it on the 3 green lights came on but did not blink. I pressed a selection but nothing happened and the lights stayed stationery. I plugged and unplugged with the same result. My k cups are still full of water after brewing. This just started….. Even after unplugging, the machine, it comes back with same message.

I was hoping to find a fix for my Keurig, but nothing here. The clock on my unit runs fast. I reset it, and it adds approximately 2 minutes each day. Any fixes? This is making quite a mess. What causes this? The arm is stuck in the fully raised position. Have you ever heard of this problem before? AJ I think you need to contact your manufacturer because your machine needs a bit of maintenance.

Yet every time I brew a cup I have large amounts of grounds in my cup. I have cleaned the needles and taken it apart and cleaned it.

What else can I do? My k give me an problem error as soon as I plug if in. The screen reads like this. Shortly after replacing my filter on my Kuerig 2. I have tried several different pods with the same problem. I have rechecked my filter and run clear water numerous times but still a problem. Any ideas?? My clock on my K-elite kept flashing after the set-up process per the Quick Set Up instructions and the hour on the clock would go back to 3 am.

I unplugged it and then reset the clock. After going there the settings screens and returned to the clock, the clock was not flashing anymore and it displayed the correct time that I entered in the settings. I guess the trick is to unplug the device after set-up and redo the settings. My K2 went nuts! It was off, but spontaneously started pouring hot water everywhere.

I unplugged it, it kept pouring. What do I do? I love my Keurig! For some reason the cup size servings are smaller, like it starts to pour then cuts off early leaving half of the cup size you choose. Yes I tried vinegar, cycled it numerous times, cleaned the needle, and tank, and still the same problem. It still works, gets hot etc. But cup sizes are served smaller. Example 12oz, seems like 8oz, 10oz seems like 4oz. This just started happening after 4yrs of owning it with 0 issues. Any suggestions will be appreciated. The lid to close the unit will not go down with or without a k cup place in..

I rescaled my machine using the Keurig product.


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After rescaling, I ran several now over 10 clear water rinses. However, when I try to brew a mug of coffee, I get a curdled, undrinkable cup of yuck. Can you help before I toss this in the garbage? Nancy try resetting it again and if it still shows the problems then go ahead with the later idea. What can I do to fix it. I cleaned the needle also.

I fixed ours with some of the ideas offered on the internet sites. Our Keurig maker is finally working again after messing around with it, off and on, for several hours this morning. Then tip the maker upside down and give it a few hits with the heel of Your hand. Fill the water reservoir to the fill line w warm water and push the button at the bottom of it over the sink and let a bit of the water drain out.

My Keurig brewed a brown cup of coffee.

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I immediately dumped it and tried again with a new k cup and it brewed a black cup. Anyone have any ideas? I like these types of coffee pots. Just because you do not have to make a whole pot. In 3 minutes or less you have a great quick cup of coffee. But they do not last. It stopped working after 1 year.

Call tack support. My water was to hard and clogged it completely. No fixing the machine. So I buy that one.

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Because discovering that my water was hard I put nothing in it other then bottle water. Walmart let me exchange it. It to has stopped brewing. With that being said 4 machines in 2 years. Not good.

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So today no coffee for me. And yes each time I troubleshoot each machine. Cleaned it once a month. Has anyone else had this much trouble with there machine? I just dont know if I should get another one.. I have a Keurig 2. Like it drips about a cup a day…after the cycle has stopped. Any ideas? Hi Jenn! All that dripping would be extremly annoying.

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I am so sorry to hear you are dealing with this!