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But many of the available fibre-optic broadband bundles are actually fibre to the cabinet connections, which still rely on phone lines. And if you want TV, too, good luck — finding broadband and TV deals without phone line rental is basically impossible.

How to get broadband without a landline

With 4G essentially standard and 5G on the way, it means that mobile broadband speeds are much more comparable with fixed line services. Given that most mobile providers offer various forms of internet connection — including dongles and MiFis — it could be more in your interest to speak to them and see what they can offer, either with a new mobile broadband package, or by using your existing mobile phone and tethering it to your laptop.

Here we take a look at all the alternatives to ADSL in turn and outline some of their pros and cons. If you really want broadband without line rental, mobile broadband may be a good solution, depending upon what your typical internet usage is. With limited downloads and average speeds of 21Mbps, this isn't the right choice for heavy broadband users, but if you only need basic services like Facebook, e-mail and Skype, it should be more than enough.

How to Get Broadband Without a Land Line Telephone

You can connect to mobile broadband through a dongle, a MiFi or tethering your mobile. Tethering a mobile is the process of connecting it to a laptop either wirelessly or with a phone-USB cable supplied with your handset and using it as a gateway to the internet.

How do you want to choose your broadband ?

This is a lot more straightforward than it sounds, and your provider can advise you on how to do it. Keep in mind, however, that tethering does eat into your mobile data limits. Mobile broadband is a very flexible option, however.

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The USB connection will always be with you — at home, on the train or even abroad. If you have small internet demands and love the idea of mobility, 4G mobile broadband might be a good option for you. The main disadvantage of mobile broadband is reception. It's worth checking coverage maps before making any mobile broadband purchases.

Vodafone coverage map. If mobile broadband sounds ideal for your needs, compare uSwitch's best-selling mobile broadband deals now. Fibre-optic broadband is blisteringly quick — capable of offering speeds as fast as Mbps, depending upon your location and connection — and incredibly reliable. Pick the bundle which suits your needs and our hassle-free switching means you'll be up and running in no time.

Speeds vary significantly by location. Unlimited Broadband : No usage limits. No peak time traffic management. External factors such as internet congestion and home wiring may affect speed. UK only.


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    Further terms apply. Some broadband deals come with usage limits, whilst other s come with unlimited broadband. Sometimes it can be cheaper to select a package with usage limits , but if you stream TV, play games or download music often, you could incur additional charges if you exceed your broadband usage allowance. To put your mind at ease, all NOW Broadband packages come with unlimited usage so you can stream and download as much as you want without any additional charges. Perfect for homes with multiple broadband users and loads of devices. Check out our handy broadband speeds guide to ensure you pick you right speed to suit you.

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    Switching broadband provider can sometimes be a slow process. So you can sit back and relax whilst we do the work. Once your phone line is registered with us , your existing phone and broadband service will be automatically cancelled. We'll also ensure that you're not without broadband for any length of time whil e we switch you to NOW TV.

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