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Close Our online store is currently unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Please call to place an order. We apologize for any inconvenience. Shop Trampolines year warranty on every trampoline. Finance Available. Consumer Recommends. Jumbo fun and bounce for the whole family. Learn More. Ideal for large yards and families of all ages. Great for long, narrow yards and larger families. Maximise space in narrow yards, for jumpers of all ages. Great all-rounder for jumpers of all ages.

Springfree Trampoline

Perfect for little jumpers and compact yards. Perfect for junior jumpers and small yards. Need More Info? Help Me Choose Compare. Built to Last Built for Life Kids deserve safe backyard play that lasts. Shifting wheels: these are wheels that can be placed on the trampoline to allow an adult to move the trampoline when not in use, presumably to weed the yard or wash the floor. They are not intended for use when the trampoline itself is being jumped or sat on. Ground anchors: Springfree offers ground anchors, to help, well, anchor the trampoline to the ground.

The anchors can withstand a pull-out force of up to N.

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Check out exact current Amazon prices here. Plus, remember that the savings you get when buying a cheaper trampoline may end up costing you down the line — in a broken arm, broken leg, and hopefully not worse. Best case scenario if you buy a cheap trampoline? People, especially kids, get hurt on trampolines. There are over , reported trampoline-related injuries in the United States alone per year.

But the last time I checked, they were no longer carrying them. We recommend Amazon instead.

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Which brings us to the next question:. A lot of people like to buy their trampolines at Amazon because they are a trusted online store, and offer special deals. Those no-spring trampolines are tough to assemble. Two people working can make the job much easier and faster, so work with a partner. And remember — in the end, you get a sturdy, safe trampoline. Springfree trampolines are good from about kindergarten — maybe a year younger — up until adulthood. Like we said earlier, what sets Springfree apart is the absolute lack of problem areas on their trampoline.

Almost every customer review talks about how obvious it is during setup that this truly is the safest trampoline out there. And the bars surrounding the net are flexible and bend away from the child, preventing collisions and injuries. Jumptek is a Canadian trampoline which seems to be manufactured for or by Canadian Tire. There are customers who are satisfied, and there are customers who are not.

Springfree Trampoline (Round, Square, Oval) & Parts Reviews

Several customers said the old model, with eight poles, had decent bounce, but the newer models were left wanting — so much so, that several kids complained, and a few even refused to jump. One customer wrote that even though they stored the trampoline in their garage during the winter, the blue padding had completely worn away within two years. Not great, if you ask me. Both the Springfree and the Vuly Thunder offer quality workmanship, good bounce quality, innovative safety features, and durable, UV-resistant parts. Both trampolines are considered safer than standard coil-type trampolines.

Vuly borrowed the idea of a leaf spring suspension system from the automotive industry, where leaf springs feature prominently in long-haul vehicles. The Vuly Thunder is something of a powerhouse when it comes to weight capacity. The Thunder is certified to hold up to pounds of weight. Compare this to the Springfree, which has a maximum user weight recommendation of pounds.

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The Springfree is available in assorted sizes and shapes, including round, oval, and square. The makers of Vuly believe round frames are the only way to go, and round is all they offer. According to Vuly, the positioning of the leaf springs around a circular frame creates a more consistent bounce and nudges jumpers toward the middle of the mat where play is safest.

As of May, , Springfree has a more favorable warranty than Vuly. Springfree offers a year limited warranty on their trampoline frames, mats, rods, net poles, and safety net. The Thunder frame is warrantied for 10 years, but the company is less generous when it comes to its mats 5 years , leaf springs 1 year , net poles 1 year and safety nets 1 year. Bottom line: the Vuly Thunder is an excellent performer and close competition for the Springfree.

Choose it if you are looking for a lower price or higher weight limit. Unlike Springfree, not every Jumpsport model has a safety enclosure, and most models have springs. Jumpsport claims that cords give more bounce, but regardless, they are much safer than springs. Bearing in mind that many trampoline injuries occur when the child slips between the net and trampoline, or falls directly through the net, it seems that buying Alley-Oop may be a bit too risky.

Skywalker even has a toddler trampoline.

Skywalker is a typical spring-using trampoline, albeit a good quality one, with all the hazards inherent to typical spring-using trampolines. And while they certainly are cheaper than Springfree, the question is whether the sacrifice in safety is really worth the money. Will I regret this down the road? Sometimes they bump against objects. Springfree also offers anchors, to make their already-sturdy frame even sturdier. Photo credits: Springfree. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

I contracted through Springfree to relocate my existing Springfree Trampoline to new location a few miles away. Re-assembly was botched resulting in a significant warp rendering trampoline unusable. Springfree and subcontractor goconfigure both unresponsive to issue. More concerned with sales than service or safety.

So sad.

I have a Vuly Thunder and it is outstanding. Thanks for sharing your opinion, Chris. We certainly do like the Thunder as well available here on Amazon. I have owned a spring free tramp for 2 years now the large oval one and I must say its the cadillac of trampolines and safe as safe can be. Facebook Twitter Pinterest 50 shares.

Is it bouncy? Is the quality good? Is there a warranty?

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What shapes does the Springfree trampoline come in? Round Square Oval Which size and shape holds the most weight? What other springless trampolines are available on the market?

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What size and shape should I buy?