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Windows Phone's standard, touch-sensitive back, home and search buttons sit just below the screen and they're very responsive. The Nokia Lumia has a 4. This resolution obviously can't match more expensive phones and therefore the Lumia can't display the same crisp text as many devices on the market. However, it displays excellent and accurate colours, has good viewing angles and is bright and clear. Nokia says the Lumia is the first phone to feature curved glass at this price point and it gives the effect that the images are floating on the screen.

There's visible pixels if you look close enough but the ClearBlack display does a relatively good job of displaying the vibrant Windows Phone OS and sunlight legibility is better than many smartphones on the market. One notable feature is that the screen responds to touches even if you're wearing gloves. It's a handy function for those in cool climates, but it's not as relevant in Australia.

Nokia Lumia 720 Windows Phone 8 Review

One of the best feature of Windows Phones is the fact that the user experience is virtually identical on all models, despite the price range. The Lumia gets almost all of the same software features in more expensive models like the Lumia and the Lumia For a phone at this price point, Nokia's range of apps and features are significantly impressive.

It allows you to download a range of maps from entire countries to use when you don't have any mobile network coverage. In addition, Here Drive Beta provides free turn-by-turn navigation in a clean and easy to navigate layout. The ability to download maps means the navigation service doesn't use any mobile data, just the Lumia 's built-in GPS chip.

The Windows Phone 8 OS itself also has some excellent core features and they're all available on the Lumia The built-in, free Microsoft Office app handles Word and Excel documents with ease and is without a doubt the best office client on any mobile platform. The biggest downside to the Nokia Lumia is a lack of popular third-party apps.

A visit to the Microsoft App Store will quickly tell you all you need to know but many apps we use on a daily basis on iOS and Android simply aren't available on Windows Phone. Although the store continues to expand and improve over time, the price of paid apps on the Windows Phone platform seem higher than competing platforms.

This is a particular concern for mid-range handsets like the Lumia The Nokia Lumia offers excellent performance. Scrolling is smoother than almost any Android phone, there is no lag when switching between apps and performance is consistent and snappy. Overall, the combination of the Windows Phone 8 OS and the Lumia 's hardware, even if it's far from the cutting edge, makes for a speedy and efficient device.

There are some games in the Windows Store that require a minimum of 1GB to work.

Nokia Lumia 720 Reviews

The likes of Temple Run and Real Football are two examples of games that therefore aren't compatible with the Lumia If you're not into playing games on your smartphone then it won't concern you but for those who do, we can't recommend the Lumia The Lumia has a 6. The company claims the latter is bigger than almost any high-end smartphone on the market and will therefore capture better photos in low-light conditions.

It can't record full HD video, though, topping out at a maximum of p. Video quality is excellent for a phone in this price range.

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It does this with a unibody-style design. These two approaches to the bodywork help the Lumia feel well-built and high-end.

There are two pop-out slots here, one for the microSIM on the top edge and another for the microSD memory card, on the left edge. Not all of the Lumia range phones have a memory card slot, but it is needed in mid-range mobiles like this. This will soon be gobbled up if you want to play music, games or videos on your phone. Its build is superior to the Nokia Lumia , which uses a removable battery cover, is a bit chunkier and has less sophisticated curves. The Lumia is less cute, but classier. The button trio sits along the right edge like line of students waiting for assembly.

This device comes preloaded with lots of apps which cannot be considered as useless bloatware since it can be used well as a daily utility like Here Maps, Here Drive, Nokia Smart camera, Bigflix, Flipkart e - books etc. The Lumia comes with a 6. The camera takes good photos outdoors when there's plenty of light. The colours look natural and don't appear saturated or artificial in any way. However, pictures clicked under bright artificial lights appear a little washed out. Call quality on the Lumia is rock solid, like most other Nokia phones. We are no fans of having loudspeaker on the back of the phone, since the sound gets muffled when the phone is lying face up, and, sadly, the suffers on that part.

The loudspeaker output is otherwise quite good. At Rs. The phone checks all the right boxes, from great looks, to a camera that performs quite well, and hardware that handles pretty much everything you throw its way. Yes, Windows Phone still has a long way to go before it can begin to compete with Android and iOS, but unless you are someone who must have access to the latest apps, it will do the job for you. More than nice. Lumia is a good phone and you can buy it if you are brand concious. It sports a squarish design which looks and feels very good. It comes with a 4. While that doesn't sound impressive, the real life experience is quite good.

You can operate it while wearing gloves which is very nice. Viewing angles and outdoors visibility is good. The Nokia Lumia comes with a 6. The camera works good in outdoor but performs average in low light. It comes with a no. You can make GIFs, take Panorama pics, and add many more effects to your pic. The Lumia is capable of recording only p video, which may disappoint the spec crazy, but is unlikely to be missed by most.

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The 1. Like most front cameras, it does a good job for video chats, and still photography in well-lit conditions, but leaves a lot to be desired in dim lights. The Nokia Lumia ,as you all know, runs on Windows 8 phone. While many would hesitate to buy it because of the OS being new and less of the app support, i would like to tell you that OS is very good and has all the major apps which one could desire for.

Nokia Lumia 720 VERDICT

Windows phones rarely hang as compared to Android or iOS. Nokia offers some great apps like Nokia Music which could help you a lot to find music on the go. Tho, I am disappointed by the MB RAM due to which some games don't run and equally low processor 1 GHz which will become outdated after some months.