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Related Links. Navigate to: Brands. Compare 0. Remove All. Subscribe to Our Email List. Ready to checkout? So, you have chosen to dive into the world of value spotting scopes and are looking for advice on how to decide what's best for you? We are going to break it down and stack up the competition. If you are willing to look around and take some time, you can find an affordable spotting scope that has all the features you are looking for or at least all the features that you really need.

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When you start shopping on a budget, there are always compromises but we can keep those to a minimum and guide you toward choosing a quality scope within your budget. So, if your price point is low and your expectations are high, let us guide you through the features and specifications of what to expect for a spotting scope and your range and what they mean to you. Take a look at some of the best scopes out there that we have found and exactly how good they are.

Whether you are looking for a budget bird watching scope or a specific spotting scope for hunting, we have something for you! The key reason that people choose a budget scope is due to limited budget and that's fine. Spending over a grand on an item that you will rarely use may be excessive and wasteful. You will have to make some compromises to get the scope that serves your needs best but not as many as you think.

We have done our best to select companies that have solid reputations and a history of making optics. Knowledge of craftsmanship goes a long way in this industry. Whether you are looking for a budget spotting scope for digiscoping or more of a tactical spotting scope, there are offerings here that will take care of you. If you select a spotting scope in this price range, you are going to have to play a little give and take.

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Considering your options before you purchase is the best advice. Read and do your research because the difference between a decent inexpensive spotting scope and utter crap is very small and sometimes hard to see. When purchasing a budget spotting scope, the features and quality can swing wildly across the spectrum from bad to great. Knowing what features are important to you and what you can live without is vital to making a choice you are happy with. Narrowing down the details of the scopes you are looking at is the first step toward a good decision.

When looking at scopes, you will see a designation 20x65mm or x65mm. In this case, we are looking for the numbers before the x which denote the magnification of the scope. If the number is a single number like the 20 it is a fixed power scope. If the number is hyphenated like the it is a variable power scope.

All other considerations equal, a variable scope is more versatile but a fixed power scope will have a slightly better image. Budget scopes can swing wildly from a max power in the 30s to over a hundred but most still fall between 45 and Spotting scopes for target shooting will benefit from more magnification.

The second number in our examples represents the size of the objective lens. The larger the lens the brighter the scope's image will be. A larger objective lens will make the scope more useful in low light conditions but can also cause some washout if conditions are very bright. The example above would be a 65mm spotting scope. A large objective lens will have a larger field of view allowing you to see a broader image. Typically, a large lens is always better but the quality of that lenses will be more important to the quality of the image.

For a digiscope setup, you can go with a smaller lens that is better quality. There are four types of lens coatings available on spotting scopes. The idea behind the coating is to prevent glare and increase the light gathering ability of a scope. The highest end scopes will allow you to see better in low-light than you can with the naked eye. While these go up in price from the first to last, they also go up significantly in quality. Very few budget scopes will be fully multi-coated but you will likely find scopes from uncoated all the way to fully coated. There are two styles of bodies available on a spotting scope that specifically deal with the orientation of the eyepiece.

The type you choose will determine how easy the scope is to use for different purposes. A straight scope is great for a handheld option but using one from a shooting bench can be more difficult but not as difficult as using an angled scope as a handheld option.

Most compact spotting scopes are straight bodied to save on size. Eye relief is the distance you can hold your eye away from the eyepiece and still get the full field of view. Eye relief of less than 15mm can make it harder to get your head in the right position to use the scope if it's at an odd angle. Scopes of that level of eye relief are often impossible to use if you wear glasses.

Budgetscopes can have an eye relief too low for comfortable use withglasses all the way up to 20mm or more. If you wear glasses beaware of the eye relief on the scopes you are considering. The first layer of protection on a scope is a rubberized armor that serves the dual purpose of keeping the weather out and preventing damage to the scope from bumps and dings. Some scopes will also be nitrogen or argon-purged to prevent fogging or condensation. Some budget scopes will have full weather protection and some will have none. Celestron 80mm Ultima Zoom Spotting Scope.

Bushnell may have never been known as an industry leader in the optics market but they have always produced solid products for reasonable prices. Their Trophy line is no exception to the rule and often lands itself on top ten lists overall. There is no doubt about the quality and the price is unbeatable! This particular scope has plenty of magnification for whatever your needs but was designed for as a shooting and hunting spotting scope and could be the best budget spotting scope for target shooting on the market.

If you are looking for a scope to reach to the farthest distances without breaking the bank, this is one of the best deals on spotting scopes you will find. With its large objective lens and quality fully coated glass. The scope is bright and clear. Far more clear than most other scopes in its price range and brighter than the competition to boot.

Even for a scope that maxes out at 60 power, the images are still clear as crystal if you want just about the best long range scope for the money, this is it! Far more than clear, the Trophy XLT is also rugged and will serve you well no matter your environment with its ruggedized outer shell and fully waterproofed interior.